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red merle female


1. What is an Australian Shepherd's personality like?

They are very smart, focused and devoted to their owners. Australian Shepherds are also very active.

2. How much exercise do they need?

Since this is an active breed, they do require exercise. Playing fetch, taking them on a walk or letting them have a good run daily are great for them. They can also be trained to do specific jobs, such as carrying a backpack for your water bottle while you jog.

3. How are they with children?

They can make wonderful companions to children, however, also consider training them.

4. How long do they normally live?

On average, they can live 12-15 years.

5. How big does this breed get?

A toy Aussie is under 14 inches tall, a mini Aussie is 14-18 inches tall, and a standard Aussie is 18-24 inches.

6. Are Australian Shepherds from Australia?

Australian shepherds are an American breed that was once used to herd Australian sheep.

7. What does the term "merle" mean?

This is an Aussie that has a recessive gene called the merle gene. This gene causes a silver/grey color to overpower what would have been his dominant color if he didn't have the merle gene. The dog pictured at the top is a blue merle, meaning if he didn't have the merle gene, his coat would have been a Black Tri. The merle gene can also be present in Red Tris, creating a red merle, as seen in the picture of the puppy to the left.

8. Is it easy to train mini Aussies?

Absolutely! This breed is well known for their intelligence and their herding capabilities as they were once used by ranchers to help in a variety of situations.

9. Are mini Aussies annoying?

No. Most miniature Aussies are actually quiet, unless, of course, something happens and they feel the need to warn whoever is near. They love to be around their owners. They love to watch you work and they love to work.

10. Are you a responsible Australian Shepard breeder?

We love our dogs and take the necessary safety precautions to ensure everything is done properly.