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One Of The Most Adored Breeds!

For anyone well-acquainted with Miniature Australian Shepherds, it's easy to see why they are one of the most lovable and viable breeds in the canine community. Known for being highly intelligent, fast and family-friendly, these trustworthy dogs make the perfect household pet or working dog on the farm or ranch!

This is why West Tennessee Aussies breeds these lovable creatures for you to enjoy! Their Aussies are just like family and every litter brought into the world makes a precious addition to any household or family.

Our Adult Aussie Shepherds

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Kentucky Blue Tornado "Blue"

Rammer Jammers Crimson Pride "Crimson"

ADSR Registered. Blue Merle. Blue is Toy male standing at 14 inches.. He has one blue eye and one blue/green marbled eye. He has beautiful copper points on his coat.

Crimson. AKC and ASDR Registered. Red Tri. Crimson is one of our females. She has amber eyes and copper points and ticking throughout her coat. She stands at 20 inches.

dessert ruby

memphis Queen

Desert Ruby"Ruby"

Memphis Queen "Queenie"

ASDR Registered. Red Tri. Ruby is a female with amber eyes as well. She stands at 18 inches in height and has lovely copper points.

ASDR Registered. Black Tri. Queenie is a female with soft, brown eyes. She is Toy standing at just 13 inches. She has copper points and copper ticking.

Ruby and Autumn having playtime.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are often prized for their superior intelligence. Known as one of the leading canines in cognitive performance, Aussies are bright, quick-learners who love a challenge. They are recruited as herding dogs and provide great help to farmers.

Physical Attributes

Originally bred to herd livestock, the Australian Shepherd is still regarded as a working breed and for good reason because they love being physical! They are a medium sized dog that displays a variety of colors: solid black, or red; red tri, which is red, white and copper; black tri, which is black ,white and copper: and the most unusual is the merle. This is when the dog has a recessive gene called the merle gene, it causes a silver color to dominate its red or black coat. A dog that would normally be a red tri, but has the merle gene is called a red merle, and a dog that would normally be a black tri, but has the merle gene is known as a blue merle.

Why Aussies?

Besides the fact that they are adorable, Aussies are lovable and loyal; they make wonderful companions for families and are kid-friendly. Aussies can easily adapt to the farm life or an apartment because they are versatile animals.

Australian Shepherd Facts

They are not from Australia! Contrary to the common belief, Aussies are native to the US!

They were originally bred as herding dogs during the Gold Rush Era. Still known as a working dog, the Aussie is most happy when he is at work! They enjoy mental challenges and physical activity.

Their eyes can be mismatched! Characterized for the striking, sky blue color Aussies don't all show this trait; some display soft or dark brown eyes while others more uniquely show both colors!

Even though they enjoy work, they are extremely playful! They love children and playing games like fetch.

So how did they get their name? Theories suggest the merle colored pattern that is commonly seen in Aussies is similar to dogs native to Australia so thus, the name!